TMS login page


1. What is “”? is a web-based interface for Middle East Financial Brokerage Co( MEFBC) Clients to gain secure access to their Trading Information done with MEFBC in Kuwait Stock Exchange(KSE)

2. What information is made available on the website?

The website provides information and access to KSE market quotes, orders and trades executed under the MEFBC Portfolio ID linked to the Market Investor ID in KSE in real-time push basis.

3. How safe are my user ID and password?

The user identities and passwords are kept in a different server which cannot be accessed through the Internet. Additionally, Client Market Investor ID and Name is not published on the website for maintaining client confidentiality. Client user name and passwords are encrypted while travelling through the Internet as 128-bit encryption.

4. Can I have multiple user ID access for a single Trading Account?

Yes- if you wish that to provide a multiple user ID( ex.for trade user and back office user); you can request for multiple user IDs on the same MEFBC Portfolio Account. This will enable you to restrict or provide privileged access to users logging to your Account information.

5. Can I trade online with this access to my Account?

No- you cannot place Online orders through this Account. The web-portal serves as an access point to your Account with us whether your trade through a trader desk or online retail.


1. I forgot my Login id/ User name?

In-case you have forgotten your Log In Username, you may contact Customer care at 1841841 to report the same. You shall be contacted back on your registered phone number with us and the User name will be provided.

2. I forgot my password?

In-case you have forgotten your Password, you may contact Customer Care at 1841841 to report the same. You shall be contacted back on your registered phone number with us and a Password Re-set shall be done for you.

3. I wish to have fresh password for my Log In?

This can be done through the link in your web-portal page.

4. I am able to login into my account however I am logged out frequently?

If there is no activity in the logged in section of the website for continuous 5 minutes, you will be logged out for security reasons. You will need to login again to get access your MEFBC Trading Account.

5. I have problems related to Log –In ?

The web portal works best on the latest browser versions. Please click the link and update your browser version for better viewing. If you continue to face issues; please contact our Customer Care at 1841841 for Support.

What is MEFBC confidentiality policy?

MEFBC will NEVER ask its clients for their web access information via emails with clickable links, SMS or Telephone. If such situations occur, we kind request you to IGNORE and never reply to them and report such incidents to our Help Desk at 1841841.

Email / Call Center Support

Please send an email to or call 1841841 for Help Desk Support.